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The quality of your content is not the only important factor that should matter in your online editorial and business strategy. In fact, backlinks are one of the most relevant elements that play a major part in how your website and web pages will rank and perform in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). In order to be able to analyze and improve your Link Building strategy, you must know the source of your incoming traffic. Is your backlink profile made of quality inbound links? Are they valuable enough? Are they dangerous? Can you identify the web pages that bring you the most traffic? To get all these answers, the best option is to use as often as possible an online backlink checker tool, such as Didlinks.

What is a backlink checker?

To begin with, let us explain briefly what is a backlink checker by itself. A backlink checker is an online software developed in order to give you access to all the backlinks you need to analyze for your website. A backlink analyzer can display a detailed report for any of your inbound links, web pages or websites. It must also provide you notifications as soon as something goes wrong, i.e. when poor-quality websites link to you. On the Internet, there are free and paid backlink checker tools you can subscribe and use. In general, as a matter of fact, paid tools tend to be the most reliable and detailed backlink analyzers.

Why should you monitor your links with a backlink checker?

Let's be clear, backlinks can lead you to success, but they also can ruin your whole reputation. In SEO, the Link Building strategy must be taken very seriously. You should pay attention to your backlinks all the time. Are you happy because you just noticed that you drastically increased the number of your backlinks in a few days, or weeks? Well, be careful. Getting numerous inbound links in a row does not mean that they are valuable for you. Any link coming from gambling, adult, or other spammy niches unrelated to your websites can damage your SEO reputation as soon as Google, or any other search engine, notice it. If you get that kind of links, as a consequence, Google would penalize you and your website and web pages would lose visibility in SERPs. In other words, these bad incoming links will impact your rankings rapidly and in a very negative way.

So, to sum it all up, here come all the reasons why you should start monitoring your links through a backlink checker:

  • To get notifications as soon as something goes wrong after the link analysis,
  • To be able to react faster and fix the situation before it gets worse,
  • To sort the good links from the bad ones,
  • To identify the best link building opportunities,
  • To disavow the bad links and avoid Google penalties.

What is a quality backlink for SEO?

Alright. Now, you know that some backlinks are bad for your SEO. But what are the reasons why they are so bad and impact your website in a negative way? What are the differences between good and bad backlinks? How do you know how to properly monitor your backlinks with a backlink checker and identify the indesirable ones? Let's talk about it and give you some useful answers.


First of all, a good link comes from pages that are relevant to your page's topic. In other words, that means you should earn backlinks from pages that address similar topics to the page that the links are pointing to. They should have at least a topic connexion. If the website or web pages linking to you is about socks and you sell cars, it will be of little value.

The harder it is, the better

Then, let's mention a simple rule: the most difficult it is to get a link, the more valuable it will be for you. That is to say that getting links from trustworthy websites with a high authority domain weights much more than getting links from spammy websites, or simply websites with low authority or TrustRank. For exemple, if you earn a link from The New York Times or Lonely Planet, that unique link will weigh much more than 5 backlinks coming from spammy websites or forums. A backlink checker will allow you to analyze and identify the TrustFlow of the websites linking to you.

Contextual links are the best

Moreover, we can say that the best backlinks have a specific location on the page. They are what we call "contextual links", i.e. the links located inside the content. Actually, the backlinks located in footers or sidebars are of little value and weight. Indeed, for some time now, Google not only considers the link, but also the context around the link. Which means, it considers the text around your inbound link and its quality and relevance. 

Natural flow

Also, a good link must flow naturally within the content, when a bad one looks too promotionnal, i.g. spammy. When you analyze your backlinks with a backlink checker, you should take a minute to focus on the flow. A good backlink must flow naturally with the surrounding content. In other words, it means we should not be able to notice the link if there were no URL. The text anchor must be choosen carefully in order to blend into the background like a chameleon. If there is a kind of "obstruction" before or after the link or a look that is too promotionnal, such as: "The best cars can be found here:", Google will notice it and probably identify it as "spammy" and as a consequence, end up penalizing you.

Long-form content is great

Let us be clear, this last point is not mandatory but still, it is important to know it. Backlinks coming from long-form and quality content are the most appreciated by Google. Long-form content tends to rank higher than shorter articles. So, if you earn a backlink from a trustworthy website with a high authority domain AND located in a long-form article, that is the best situation. However, you do not have to seek backlinks in long content all the time, it is just very valuable when it happens.

What is a bad backlink for your website?

A real bad backlink is a link that violates Google's (and other Search Engines) guidelines. If you take too long to disavow a toxic link, Google will penalize you. Moreover, you must avoid methods such as link farms, link wheels and other black hat Link Building techniques that can get you in trouble and damage your SEO for a long time. Here are the main reasons why a link is a bad and/or toxic backlink:

  • It comes from a low-authority domain or a dangerous/unreliable one,
  • the anchor is irrelevant to its content,
  • the content's topic of the website has nothing to do with yours,
  • the anchor is way too promotional and looks spammy,
  • it is part of a reciprocal exchange and Google noticed it,
  • broken links,
  • the anchor is the exact keyword you want to rank for.

Regarding the last bulletpoint of this list, we will develop it a little bit more, so you can understand it better. Nowadays, Google has an intricate understanding of semantics and link context. Which means, the search engine tends to favor links in natural journalistic context and will disadvantage text anchors using the exact keyword you want to rank for. I have to monitor all my backlinks?

No, you don't. It is not necessary to monitor all of your backlinks and actually, you should not. If you already have lots of backlinks, you should do a first work upstream and sort them so you can choose freely which ones to monitor. We recommend you to select only the newest ones and the most important ones, i.e. the most powerful ones, the ones that send most traffic to your website and/or the ones that drive most of your sales.

How does Didlinks backlink checker work?

Nothing could be easier. You give us your website's URL and then, add all the backlinks you wish to monitor. Didlinks will automatically check them once a day and send you an alert as soon as something goes wrong. A backlink checker such as ours will save you a lot of time. Your backlinks will be daily monitored forever, in less than a few minutes. 

As you will for sure have understood, a backlink checker is one of the most useful tools to manage your link building. In a few minutes, you can get a detailed report of your situation and will be able to fix a problem at the right time, and therefore avoid damaging penalties. You should never neglect your backlinking and that is why we are here. Save your time, watch your back(links)!